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JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL has been established & promoted by JAIN EDUCATION SOCIETY ( JES ) of non proprietary nature, registered in 1993, under the Society Registration Act of 1973 of M.P. Itís registration No. is Raipur/R.N./1514, dated 11.5.1993. JES has established JAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL in July 01,1993 with a vision to expand education in rural area & to develop sober , civilized youth with effective management of Values of life. Majority of students are admitted from Rural Area. Late shri Shantilalji Shrishrimal was the founder President of the society, he was succeeded by Ms. G.C.Jain, Vijay Shrishrimal, Motilal Jhabak.
President Desk
School is a place to nurture values with quality education among the students irrespective of cast creed & colour, with this noble aim Jain Public School has been promoted in the year 1993 not to earn profit but to achieve holistic development of every child involving dedicated service of qualified teachers . I believe by making use of modern technology & tools this journey will continue for betterment . I wish success to students in their endeavour.
RAIPUR (Chhattisgarh)
Patron Desk
School success starts at home, every childís need are different, children who are supported by their parents at home succeed in school & life but achieving success through competitive exams ignoring our culture & values of life should not be the objective. I stress upon inculcating good study habits, instilling love for reading & commitment to learning in the kids by the parents is of utmost importance to ensure school success of the child. It is never too early or too late to help your child to develop the skills of academic success.
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